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  1. Hello

    i remember u
  2. Nerzhul's Intro

    do you pick up bitches in goldshire?
  3. America appreciation topic + 24000th post

    trick or truck
  4. What's going on?

    i fought u when i was in cl around that time
  5. Hola senioritas

    tell me about Heinrich
  6. 100 & 200 & change

    lucky fag
  7. Woo mtx woo

    wat game is that lol
  8. 89 Slayer

    tell me about ur rs dreams
  9. 99 SLAYER

    thought u were maxed noob
  10. What kind of milk do you like?

    from ur moms tits
  11. Duel Arena

    no all in? weak
  12. My Intro

  13. any place where big ww2 battles have been fought, besides that usa probably even if its just for the sake of going once