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  1. Damn I miss owning it up with you guys. I legit just hate p2p pking, if f2p wars were still an every Sunday occurrence, I would be backkk
  2. I see DF is still hated

    Lol everyone is still giving me shit, everyone still thinks I'm in DF. Beat their asses for me
  3. I see DF is still hated

    Hey bois, I hope everyone is doing well, I miss you guys and our old f2p clan warring days. Been having a few hours or so some weeks and just hit up revs ( on the hunt for the craws bow ffs ) and I see the clan world somehow still knows me even after a year or so apart from RS lol Anytime I get killed by clans they still flame me / DF, glad to see it lol.
  4. Looks like fun was had, still kicking ass as always
  5. Heyy!

    Hey bro welcome to the Forums, you'll love it in DF btw, in case you were wondering. ( Which you were, thank me later )
  6. Damn man! way to bring a blast from the past lol. Some of the greatest memories of RS I had in that clan and the friends I got to meet and share memories with... haha Let's not forget that one month we broke our back with the 1st weekend being an 8 hr war, then next weekend a 12 hr war, and the following weekend a 14 hr war or something like that. Damn that hurt us so damn bad but I wouldn't have had it any other way. TNC4LYFE brother.

    Lol gunna need a lot more lvls and supplies!

    Welcome back Imk!
  9. Who does this remind you of?

    Cringe af lol
  10. Raids Prep 1

    Max Melee, and have to get ready for raids so...
  11. Tis The Otter Bitches.

    Lol finally found the forums, welcome bro
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TRUE 2k8 !@! ~

    Happy birthday bro! You're the sole influence as to why I chose DF, and I havent left because you haven't, so that's my birthday gift to you lol. ( Sucks for every1 else in the clan tho, cept my TNC bois, they still love me )
  13. My Euro-Trip

    Hey guys so I never did give you an update on my travels around the world and I'm feeling reminiscent and going through some archives so I'd like to share with you an experience of a lifetime! From sleeping homeless in LA, to a love story in the heart of Rome, to having pretty much THE ENTIRE WORLD IN 1 ROOM! THIS is the trip I'll never forget and I hope you enjoy! Part 1 - Indiana Road Trip -> Florida : Me and my brother and a few friends drove from Tennessee to Indiana for my cousins graduation, which was awesome. I had to leave early and took a 28 hour greyhound bus ( In total from stop to stop ) from Indianapolis all the way to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Image 1 - In hindsight, don't EVER DO THAT, regardless of the amount movies you have to watch. I then arrive at 3am at the greyhound bus station, and was going to hike to the airport since it was only 3 miles away and no Uber was available. The Security guard says it was a BAD part of the neighborhood, so I slept on the bus bench til 8am, and then started my hike all the way to the airport because why not. ( In hindsight, DON'T do that in June in Florida. ) Although I did see some amazing buildings on the way. Image 2 Then, I saw an amazing view from a restaurant before my departure. Image 3 The flight was amazing, and considering it only cost $180 with luggage, the flight was beyond amazing. Image 4 And then: Part 2: Oslo -> PARIS Image 5 I arrive in Paris, and catch a cab from the airport to my hostel and then I go scouring through Paris... Image 6 Lots of cool but boring stuff, I get lost for about 6 hours just walking anywhere and everywhere, but then as I was walking up these stairs to visit a church.... Image 7 I get to the top of the stairs and there were these big ass buff black guys standing at the top of the stairs. I notice them but walk by the 1st one, and then there was one ahead of me about 6 feet , I get close to him and he says "Scuse me sir here you go" with this deep african accent, and he lifts my hand and starts tying these 3 strings around my wrist, I'm going along with it because maybe it's a tradition or who the hell knows. I then get surrounded by 2 other black guys to my right and left, and the middle one who is tying my wrist starts calmly saying "hakuna matata, hakuna matata" At this point my adrenaline starts going because I just knew shit may be about to go down. He finishes tying the strings around my wrist and holds out his hand, and says "Money for wristband." I try to play it off in a playful demeanor to let them down nicely, saying "Yea I got no cash sorry man". He then says to me "No show me wallet." At this point I got angry, like who the fuck are you? So I angrily said: "yea that's not fucking happening" pretty loud and walked around him, fully expecting a fight to break out, BUT it didn't and I didn't get my ass beat down. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but beware of these fuckers if you go to Paris. I also kept those pieces of fucking string and was watching my back the whole time with my guard up. I get back to my hostel and I finally meet everyone there, and I literally had almost THE ENTIRE WORLD AS ROOMMATES. ( In this hostel you share a room with other people, 8 in total, both men and women. ) Sharing the room with me was : A boyfriend and girlfriend from CANADA, a guy from RUSSIA, a guy from INDIA, a guy from AUSTRALIA, a guy from CHINA, and a guy from MEXICO, and I was the AMERICAN. It was fucking funny and awesome, we all said hello and found out where we were from and it was amazing. I got some sleep and when I woke, I went downstairs to eat and next thing you know, I found out they had a CLUB built into the hostels basement! Fucking. Amazing. So I go down there and I go to the bar, and some guys approached me because I "Definitely looked American" and they hadn't met an American and wanted to be friends. I'm like hell yea. Then another guy approached me because he definitely knew I was American and he was from San Fransisco, we all were on the hunt and the bartender said on a Thursday night it's slow there, and that everyone goes to the Seine River and goes drinking by it. So what do we do? We get our asses down there. When we get down there, we're just hanging out when we meet a group of girls and 1 of them mentions how some crazy guy went swimming in there, and I of course thought that sounded fun! So guess what everyone did, they dared me to do it. And guess exactly what I did. Oh and I can be pretty persuasive: vid 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLUheICA3s8 I actually swam to the other side and back, but I cut out the boring stuff. Me and the guy walk around for a while and finally went back to our Hostel. My clothes were SOAKED, and so in order to not stink, I went to the public shower ( My room had a shower but someone was in there ). So yea, I LITERALLY showered with my entire clothes on and put shampoo on my clothes to get rid of the river smell lmao. That was interesting. Anyways, the next day I go out exploring and nothing too exciting goes down. So I'll skip to the next exciting night. I go down to the club/pub area downstairs and after I get to the bar I see these women sitting down and looking bored so I approach them and we got along pretty well Image 8 Got to know them and we go to out to explore the city at night and begin our drunken escapades Image 9 Then the next day we decide to go explore Paris and went everywhere, a bus around the city, museums and more museums Image 10-17 http://i.imgur.com/DogXHhn.jpg[/img] 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 And then when I got back to the room, my Indian friend/roommate was leaving, and offered me his bottle of jack daniels since he could not take it with him, I gladly accepted and my new friends and I got on the subway to the Paris tower and drank in the garden with tons of other people waiting for the famous lights, we had to wait around an hour and had a few adventures lol Image 17 18 And then the famous lights show came Vid 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YdBYC6RgyU&feature=youtu.be After that happened, everything got pretty blurry, except I remember having to use the restroom and they told me go behind a tree, I remember hopping up some wall, and then darting off across this gravel, and I fucking took two giant steps and busted my ass. After that sht got crazy but I don't remember anything lol... The next morning my two friends from Russia and Australia wanted to go get breakfast so we did, and it was our last time before they continued on their own journeys Image 19 My journey ended, and I walked to the closest subway but saw some amazing and crazy things: image 20 AND NOW, THIS IS WHEN THE TRIP GETS EVEN MORE AMAZING PART 2: ROME This is where the best story you hear comes: I arrive in the Rome airport at 9pm, I barely have any phone signal, and I go outside. I ask a random person for directions, but they say they don't speak English well at ALL, so I'm a bit lost because I see 4 busses, but I have NO IDEA where those places listed on the front are going or if I pick the wrong one.... So, I just winged it and thought I'll just get in line that has the most amount of people, and I'm HOPING it goes to the heart of Rome. As I'm standing in line, staring at my phone and seeing 1 bar pop on and off, I'm kinda freaking out because I have no idea if this bus goes to the heart of Rome or not... And then as I'm staring at my phone, I hear this girl say something in ENGLISH! She said "I don't know where the hell we are" I immediately respond with enthusiasm, "Hey wow that makes 2 of us..." and it's a group of 3 girls all traveling together, I then go through the usual questions...Where ya from, where ya been, where ya headed...but then I asked a creepy question that I didn't think was creepy.... I asked, where are you staying?................. ...................I was hoping we would be staying at the same hostel and could walk there together....but then they got quiet and they walked forward because the bus started loading...and it didn't click for a second but then I'm thinking "Oh FUCK! I'm an idiot..." And I didn't want to creep them out so I didn't speak to them again, and I sit next to this girl on the bus who is from Rome, I ask her where my hostel might be located, and she told me exactly where to go. Said the bus stopped in downtown Rome, and to go up the 1st street, go left and then right and my hostel was right there. BOOM! I wasn't lost for once! I get off the bus, and waiting for my bag to get unloaded from under the bus, I finally get it and I find the street and just start walking. I'm looking at my phone still hoping to finally get good reception. Little fact about me, I have a BIG STRIDE, which means I walk fast and take large steps. Anyways, I'm looking at my phone and not paying attention in front of me until I walk up to a group because they're walking slow and I look up, and guess who the fuck it is. Those 3 girls. My face instantly went into "oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck" reaction and I start pleading at how I know this looks and I swear I'm not creeping on them and how I'm headed up the street to my hostel and I know how this looks and I'm just HOPING they don't yell or scream or cause a scene... After pleading one girl says: "You know we've seen the movie Taken right?" And I grasp my face and say "yeah I know I have too and I know exactly how this looks....." But then, one of the girls starts laughing at my pleading! and says I'm funny, and that I should get her number. Her friends walk ahead while she let's me get her number. We depart ways and she texts me saying she knew it was an accident and that she convinced her friends I'm not a creep, and that they were going to explore Rome and wanted to know if I wanted too as well. I say hell yea, just had to check in with my hostel and drop off my bag. Well...that took a while, like 45 mins and at this time it's close to 10:30 I think. She texts me that I was taking too long and that her friends decided to call it a night but that she wasn't tired and asked if I just wanted to get some food. I of course wanted to make a new friend and I was hungry, so why not? I start heading to her Hostel, when she texts me and says could I please hurry up there is a creepy guy trying to hit on her and she’s by herself. So I start running down the street! I get to the road and slow down as I turn the corner and there she is, grasping her phone as this TALL ass lankey dude is talking to her and she see’s me and smiles big. I walk up and say “hey how’s it going” and I get in between them, put my arm around her shoulder and pull her down the street hoping that would be the end of it and a fight wasn’t gunna break out. And luckily, it didn’t. She and I walk right down the road to this restaurant and go in. We go in and sit down and discuss what each other are going to get. I wanted pizza, and she wanted famous Rome pasta, so I bring up the idea why don’t we both order those and we share, that way we both get the best of both worlds. As we get done ordering we through the usual conversation topics. We talk easily for 30 minutes or more… As we’re talking she’s smiling and I’m beginning to flirt a little bit at this point, nothing major, I forgot what we were talking about now. As dinner was winding down I’m looking down at my wonderful pizza deciding what slices are left, and then she says something in Spanish to the waiter, I don’t know what it was, I was thinking maybe she wanted more water or what not. I see a figure walk up to the table and then quickly away, it catches my attention and as I glance up at her and then the waiter, I see in his right hand the checkbook. My face instantly lit up in confusion and a “Helllll no” look, I look at the waiter walking away, then back to her, then back to him, and then back to her in disbelief, I said “I know you for damn sure didn’t just pay for our meals…” and then she BURST into laughter at how serious I was. The waiter comes back and the deed was done. I instantly say “Well our nights not over yet, we absolutely are getting desert and this time I’M PAYING.” And the waiter laughs as he returns and I ask him where the closest Ice cream shop is, he tells us it’s in the next to the Rome pillars, about 3 miles from here. I say thanks and we head that way, as we are walking we stop by a fruit stand that’s somehow open 11ish at night and I buy her some apples. We’re taking our time walking and we share an apple, sit on some steps and are just talking for a few mins. Then as we are walking by a walkway we see a homeless man sleeping, and I stop and whisper if we could give the green apple to the homeless guy, she smiled and softly dropped the bag and apple next to him and we went on our way. We get to this awesome park that had this huge statue in the middle, and I of course wanted to see it. The gate was locked, and so of course, as any typical American, I hop over the wall and help her over and we go exploring the park. Sadly it wasn’t anything too amazing but the statue looked cool. We decided to leave in order to make sure we got ice cream in time. As we are walking she puts her arm inside mine as we go past a very very looking sketchy area, and I pull her closer to make her feel safe. Next thing you know we don’t let go but just keep walking and talking. We get to the ice cream place finally, and it’s about midnight. We go and get ice cream that *I* paid for, I get chocolate and she wanted to get ( Of ALL flavors ) she wanted “Coffee” ice cream. I pay for them and as we are walking up the hill to overlook the pillars, I legit said that’s prolly going to absolutely horrible. She disagrees and we start walking up the hill, she takes one lick of it, and stops dead in her tracks. I start bursting out in laughter at the look of disgust on her face and she says “Shutup!”, I ask if I could taste it and she gave me the ice cream. I tasted it and it was absolutely as I thought, DISGUSTING. I say aloud, “Wow that is absolutely nasty!” and she takes it from my hand as I’m still kinda laughing at how nasty it was and how her face reacted. She laughs too and walks towards the trash can to throw it away. I offer to get her another ice cream and she says no thanks. I shake my head at her stubbornness and turn around waiting on her as I take eat my chocolate ice cream which was fucking amazing. As I hear her approach I begin my sentence to offer another ice cream and do you know what she fucking does? She walks beside me, turns around while walking backwards, and snatches the ice cream straight out of my hand, takes a lick while laughing at me and then turns around, walking up the hill. I’m frozen in my tracks thinking no way in hell did that just happen. But it did. I’m grinning ear to ear because it was cute af and adorable. I found myself liking this girl more and more and more. At this point I don’t even try to put on a façade, in the short amount of time we’ve known each other we just clicked and everything felt kinda magical. We get to the top of the hill and we’re both still laughing at what just transpired. I ask as I’m leaning over the rail: “Did that REALLY just happen.” She playfully says “Yep!” and continues eating my damn ice cream. As we are overlooking the pillars of Rome, we get quiet for a moment to take in the sights, and I’m amazed at the view. I look up and notice the beautiful yellow moon above us and I look back to her and she looks over at me and I don’t know what overcame me but I slowly leaned in and kissed her. I pull back to make sure I didn’t come off as too much, or crossed any lines but then she smiled and leaned into me to kiss. Next thing you know as we’re kissing she accidently drops her ice cream and it falls to the bottom and we hear this giant SPLAT. And we burst into laughter as it interrupts the kiss. Talk about a mood killer ahahahahaha After a few minutes there she insists we go see this famous fountain in Rome. I say sure so we ask the ice cream guy where the fountain is and head that way! We’re holding hands at this point and finally find the fountain after this couple helps us out. And we FINALLY get to this MAGICAL FOUNTAIN in Rome! Except. It was under construction. No water in there whatsoever lol. She seems a little bummed out but I reach in my pocket and grab some change and tell her to pick one. She smiles and knows what we had to do. We both get quiet, and make a wish, and then throw the coins in the empty fountain. She looks up at me and we lean in to kiss. As super romantic as it was, after a minute or so we pull back and then we see a car flash its lights twice at us. Turns out it was a police car lmfao It was their way of saying, get on your way. Lol seems we can’t kiss long enough before something interrupts us. We walk back to her hostel and I drop her off and go back to my hostel, as we plan to see each other in a few hours to explore the rest of Rome! We spend the remainder of our time going everywhere possible. And we spent the rest of our time in Rome inseparable. Image 21-24 Vid 4 https://youtu.be/jLNQz9PXDb8 She created this beauty: One night we’re walking around another fountain and there was a party bus, one guy got off of it and did a LOUD party chant. I of course, while laughing at his enthusiasm knew his chant couldn’t go unheard, and so I yelled at the top of my lungs a chant back to him letting him know he wasn’t alone. He flailed his arms open and looked at us and stumbled his way to us smiling, he came up to me and instantly gave me a hug. And I gladly hugged him back. We got to know him and some of his friends came outside the bus and brought a beer for us, and he was one of the happiest people I’ve met in a long time, drunk or not. Image 28 The statues, and buildings, the culture, the memories…..are just amazing. You get lost in time there. And well, the rest of the memories are going to stay in my mind and in Rome. There are still 2 weeks worth of adventures I won’t have time to type out sadly. Maybe one day though, but in jist, I met a guy who travels the world 6 months out of the year, met a german guy that was my hostel roommate in LA, had to sleep homeless one night because I got my card stolen/lost, met up with a childhood friend, had to sleep on the floor at an airport and made a new friend, didn’t eat for 2 days because no access to my money, then went to Vegas and met an awesome friend at a casino that was from Canada…yea I make friends very very easily lol.
  14. This is what happens when I go on random teamspeaks...

    Damn that was......odd. She does have a cute voice but that 1 guy...."Is that a girl??....hey HOLLERR at me..." Fucking wow
  15. To Americans

    Lol.... had no idea you were from Hong Kong...