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  1. Victor HG's =)

    Doing well, keeping busy with life haha. How about you?
  2. 300th task

    Nice, congrats!
  3. Victor HG's =)

    Good luck! Ref
  4. Halloween Costume

    Absolutely awful, despicable human being for stereotyping those groups of people.
  5. Happy Birthday Rene!

    Happy birthday both of you!
  6. What have you eaten today?

    Oatmeal and veggie stir fry with tofu
  7. Halloween Costume

    What are you planning on dressing as for your halloween costume?
  8. Plants

    Go green
  9. Plants

    Do you keep plants in your house?
  10. Saper's Intro

    Thought you were a skiller, not a killer.
  11. 3rd age omg! Ty loco

    rigged clue scroll rewards