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  1. ty howie

    g z
  2. xD

    skiller gz
  3. Kodai Insignia

    nah! all or nothing !
  4. Kodai Insignia

    When there is a raid without guardians or mages, I bank pickaxe/salve amulet for the imbued cape However, I don't feel confident on raiding with 3 brews, I only raid with 4 minimum l3l.
  5. Stone of sadness

    what he said. I got my first when it was barely 800k. monii
  6. 2K18

  7. Hello again

    hey, wb.
  8. 2K18

    I am too lazy ~ fuck quests ~ I am here to do raids/pk
  9. hey guys i have a question

    Murray is gay. https://i.gyazo.com/0ce958e19e3357012e53da7906b951a9.png
  10. Ancestral Robe Top

    Yesterday's loot. 26.4M split
  11. Thanks for the fight DI ~ Rsd died btw
  12. big hammer

  13. Dex

    17M ea
  14. MadeInMexico

    Bienvenido a nuestros foros Nestor
  15. Thanks 4 the action.
  16. Another Pet!!

    skiller ~ grats
  17. Heron Pet #3

  18. 5 more

    vergasion grats
  19. Ancestral Robe Bottom

    It had double ice/vasa/tek I think(?)/and there was a new guy learning how to raid RIP. It was alright considering all those factors and the fact I was doing it with Latinos.