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  1. Frank Lloyd Wright

    Death to all skillers
  2. 99 slayer (7th 99) btw

    kys ironwanker
  3. Which Do you prefer ?

    summer for the cleavage of a nice pair of its
  4. If you found a wallet on the ground..

    probably take the money if its over 20£ and give the wallet to the nearest shop
  5. Divine Forces 13th Birthday

    hbd gays
  6. OSRS Mobile Open Beta For Android

    i downloaded the app just to piss off those that actually wanted to play mobile
  7. hello df

    ref btw
  8. Morrisons new BigDaddy Breakfast

    finally given a reason to drive 40mins towards morrisons...
  9. rinus de rukkabouter!

  10. di close ~.~

    clan world is a sad little world that aint worth it
  11. Community Intro!

    yo nick!
  12. Master cotton picker

    99 party is 2018...
  13. when i spend 4m to get a bond for a fight only to find out that TR was unable to last more then 5mins