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  1. I single PK

  2. Divine Forces Saturday GMT PK

    gz boys!
  3. two pieces of toast, and black coffee with no @Sugar an apple or another fruit.
  4. Sup

    Sup lad
  5. Selling Sigs for RSGP

    Good shit
  6. Dear diary

  7. Cooperstown, NY

    Ref dawg!
  8. Stephen Hawking dies

    The world just got dumber.
  9. Your Favorite Movie Soundtracks?

    I like the soundtrack from Star Wars EP III and the first Iron Man movie.
  10. [Updated]Can i join?

    good stuff
  11. Supreme Pet

    The pic had the PVM comp stuff on it, however it does not count and I got mad
  12. Supreme Pet

    just 111 LMFAO
  13. Supreme Pet

    Got this little guy today while doing me task.