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  1. Rapier 5 man

    alice me ross alex manjep
  2. Herbi!!!!

    was doing some herbi runs before tob and boom!
  3. 99 range

  4. Scythe of Vitur

    damn nice
  5. Maxed before IMK

  6. More largin

  7. Dex trio

    Finally broke my dry streak at raids don't mind the time.... I had two learners with me.
  8. Dex trio

    I had two learners with me lol that couldnt make pots either lol.
  9. 92 Woodcutting

    Half way to 99 boys! still no pet tho...
  10. 88 agility

    well another one down!
  11. 88 agility

    72 levels until max total
  12. 8.6m made off that trip feels good man
  13. :helpfulbitch:

  14. Gainz

    took me a minute but got another lvl.
  15. miner

  16. big nrd

  17. 96 smithing

    Stacy's mom still got it going on.
  18. 2.2k total!!!

    well I finally just rushed it because yeah 2.2k btw went into 2.2k worlds at revs and everyone was skulled with mauls and shit so i left cba getting hit lolol
  19. 97 fletching

    got this while doing some raids with some cool cats.
  20. First tbow in my name