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  1. Hunny guest app v3

    You sure Rot isn't a better fit for someone with your... history? They'd probably give you council immediately
  2. "Who Remembers When"

    When runescape was actually fun to play Also in no particular meme order: 1. TT snipe unit 2. AF pride 3. TT owned DF 24 hr fight 4. Vladi being a creep 5. Rarez sending all of DF pillow nudes, David and someone pretending to be a girl to pick him up 6. HC Eric abandoning his gf for a shit clan 7. True and Esports 8. Omni not having 99 def (lol) 9. "Alliances" 10. #capegate #evilvicky
  3. Pack it up boys Donalds fucked

    By pretending to be a billionaire? Probably. I hope it either ends with him in jail or literally fleeing the country
  4. Pack it up boys Donalds fucked

    Are they stable geniuses too?
  5. Pack it up boys Donalds fucked

    I think the spacing was off. If he moved it slightly to the left it would fit. The twitter one shows it better honestly
  6. So someone on reddit took that redacted memo and superimposed some wording onto the title beside "Criminal Investigation" and what do you know, something perfectly fits... The irony if that actually turns out to be it Also T_D on reddit seem to think since Mueller isn't prosecuting Flynn that it means he doesn't have anything on the investigation, even though it's clear he's saying he's helped substantially. They're praising him. Until Trump starts tweeting shit about him lmao You gotta think about how stupid these people are. Flynn already pled guilty to a felony and you think Mueller would let him go on that? No shit he fucking sung like a canary. Absolute morons
  7. hello guys!

    Cause a lot of people are idiots and stupid beef was negatively affecting the clan world. Plus new people picking up the game just aren't interested in clans/pvp as much and pvp isn't as supported. So clans basically were drawing members from people who were in clans back in the day up until pre-eoc etc. People just don't stick around on rs forever
  8. CoD: Black Ops 4

    So is everyone online just freaking the fuck out about the quality of this game and servers/lag for no reason or? I haven't played a CoD since MW3 so if it's good I wanted to try to get back into it
  9. CoD: Black Ops 4

    Any of y'all have the game? Was thinking of getting it on PS4 but getting mixed reviews about it honestly. Seems the biggest complaint is server lag and DC's and I'd be playing PS4
  10. Racheal(Tinker88)

    Oh boy. Good thing Vladi isn't here anymore. Welcome AF coming in hot with the recruits
  11. Black Friday

    What did you all buy for black friday/holidays etc.?
  12. Hello :)

    Damn AF coming in hot
  13. Happy Thanksgiving

    False, Canadian thanksgiving was last month
  14. "Who Remembers When"

  15. "Who Remembers When"

    Bruh I just posted that above. Why's Jelle get the credit though Dude I almost forgot about this. That was a good time. Wish I could see that again lol