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  1. How long would you have to date to propose?

    Same, but good luck making that work with a girl. Most of them seem to want marriage lol
  2. Title pretty much. How long would you have to date someone and how long would you have to live with them as well to consider proposing? I know this isn't a one size fits all kinda thing and it can change based on the person, but I know a dude who proposed to his girlfriend after dating for a little over a year and about 6 months living together and thought it was nuts
  3. Ancestral Robe Top

    Whys everyone got a fucking max cape nowadays? 07 skilling is literal aids
  4. 99 attack & 99 strength

    That magic level
  5. Robes - Do You Wear Them?

    I'll side with your gf if she sends me nudes with the robe on
  6. When you're having a shower

    Bruh you gotta fucking do both. How else do you rinse your whole body off? And I face my back to the shower when I'm doing my hair cause I find it easiest to rinse that way
  7. 8th 99 btw

    Who do you raid with?
  8. "Who Remembers When"

    When I never got MOTM cuz True didn't like me, even though my first month as a member I missed like 1 event
  9. Those first two pk's wtf. Why are there so many retards in the wild? I want in on this
  10. Best Of Jed

    Top kek
  11. Divine Forces Friday Looties

    @Murray Wow look at this loot dude
  12. If you found a wallet on the ground..

    My answer might be different if I wasn't a poor student but I'd take the money and try to return the rest cause cards/ID suck to change. Mans gotta eat dude
  13. 5

    Max guild, boss portal
  14. 5

    Yeah but there's no benefits