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  1. Girlfriend and I have been rewatching all of thrones ahead of the final season and just got to the end of season 6. There are a lot of good scenes in the show but forgot how well done this most recent one was Anyone else feel like they're not ready for it to just be over with no more story to come?
  2. "What did it cost? ... Everything"

    You don't play rs3
  3. "What did it cost? ... Everything"

    DG, Inv and slayer Think ill be taking a break to pvm only for now lol
  4. "What did it cost? ... Everything"

    It's pretty legit
  5. I said one day I'd max this account even if I didn't feel like playing anymore. So it finally happened. Now the fun begins
  6. New year new me

    Don't hate on me when I get trim
  7. New year new me

    I know. That's why I say max first (max cape) and then onto 120s for comp
  8. New year new me

    Abby demons with aggression pots and augmented scythe, body, legs is supposedly ~800k/hr. I never watched my xp to see if this is true but its not that bad. There's guides to help you keep infinite prayer so you just need to ss/turmoil and can keep your hp always up
  9. New year new me

    Since when does IMK play RS3 lol
  10. New year new me

    Three easiest 99s for max and a few 120s for comp Will finally be able to say I beat the game I started 13 years ago
  11. Social Media

  12. Wisdom to live by

    That's what makes it funny. If it weren't accurate it wouldn't be
  13. Sup

    Jesus. I remember you from like 2014 when I first joined. But I don't think you were around for much longer after that
  14. Wisdom to live by

    Unicorns and trannies
  15. Hunny guest app v3

    You sure Rot isn't a better fit for someone with your... history? They'd probably give you council immediately