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  1. https://gyazo.com/1a8bf11507f991bf5a2738aa856a02f8
  2. I am terribly conflicted. I had strived to keep my goals in order but i feel like i am just wasting my time an efforts. Should i continue to keep my lvl 50 account 10 hp with 99 mage and range, or should i go and rush on it , get some hp, build up prayer and go for 1-99-1, 99 range, mage prayer and hp for raids as purely range based?
  3. That's the idea, but it's insanely slow! Even for afk, inventory fills so fast. Sadly i don't have the feathers for 99, any of you guys got any spare feathers? :3 add me .
  4. Haven't exploited my little Beaut in awhile, mind you i have no main so limited on what i can do. Luckily friends have helped me here and there. Still 50 combat. got 4 completed kills on Cox with help of a cc.
  5. Feeshy Otter

    Rossy Poo

    Ross come in game, or accept Joeyb please. A 121 friend interested in seeking out a pk clan. ❤️
  6. If anyone would rather discuss this in private or know of a discord channel or person who might be interested. FeeshyOtter#6728
  7. I have applied to many jobs. I'm in the process of getting a well paid one, i'm just waiting the background check as it's a rich private school.
  8. If someone was to ever decide to even pk with it, it'll 1 hit anyone in it's lvl at bh if you rushed. You could rush obby maulers and make 10+m a kill lol
  9. Facepalms, appreciate the offer, but it's worth a lot more then ten bucks fam. I mean i spent at 90 range alone 300m to get to 99, but about 250m of that was used in getting. Lol Plus the time, and the 99 magic, then time put in towards some other skills. I had gotten slayer via cannon in wild, with 10 hp lol
  10. Yeah i just had been hopeful that someone could see the potentional as a pker, or hopefully a trophy account and continue where i had left off and maxing skills.
  11. Been playing on an off for 18 years, and there comes a time where enough is enough. I come to a situation that far prioritizes gaming. I don't wanna get into details, but i've ran into a financial rut, and well need cash to make ends meet. So with that being said i'm looking to sell my account that i sought so desperately to create. https://gyazo.com/ae0703a43524ce7ae02e9d851a6282e4 It's lvl 50 combat with 99 range and 99 magic, an i was working on other skills. If anyone should be interested or know of anyone that's willing to pay cash asap, it would mean a huge difference to my family . <3
  12. I been doing Winter, Lol. Right now i'm working on Craft. I had 60m, but a streamer went and lost it all on me.
  13. Feeshy Otter

    1 too go

    So what's with your name, is that a Brit thing? grats though.