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  1. lol who got my kills? i was on disc an i come back to a welcoming
  2. Hello

    1. Feeshy Otter

      Feeshy Otter

      Hey hey Jake, how are you?

  3. FFA Scythe

    What in the actual fucks is that?
  4. Ding! 126.

    What Alz just said.
  5. 3rd Hellpuppy

    You need to learn how to properly prayer switch js.
  6. Divine Forces New Year Aussie PK

    That looks as easy as a butt ass naked handicap under the influence!
  7. So..

    I'm so lost for words right now.
  8. Divine Forces Defeats Elite Zerks

    Damn yo i'm reporting you to the Wilderness clerks office for leaving all that litter on the ground.
  9. So..

    Tomi this is no laughing matter! This is serious! Like we better call in the Wonder Pets and Paw Patrol!
  10. Drop Party loot

    I smell ddos.
  11. Latin Crew vs Rune Chilean Hunters 12/3/2017

    They should've used the wall formation.
  12. Rot & Jed Exposed Pt 3

    Clearly the work of Aliens.
  13. Divine Forces vs Elite Zerks 12/5/2017 [VID]

    I anticipated you getting dropped, but you're to fucking legit Lol. Solid shit, great vid.
  14. So..

    Well that vulgar display was undeniably uncalled for. I demand a sincere apology.