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  1. I have done everything but suck Ross off in hopes of him forking over his bank to halp my next goal in mind, 99 Mage. Currently at 71, If you'd be so kind and considerate, taking donations of Runes (natures primarily) it would be beyond gratefully appreciated. As some may know, i already hit 99 Range at lvl 50 combat, I wish to trim that cape. :3 Love your fayses, feel free to message me in game. Lvl50 Eevee.
  2. Go Fund me

    This has to be a non American ordeal, let me get with my people.
  3. New account

    Bruhhh.. Ez pz.
  4. Oi i expect a weekly allowance. All that bank loot. Support my 99 mage. :3
  5. How do you like your eggs in the morning?

    In the trash.
  6. 99 Range, Lvl 50 Cmb.

    :3 thanks guys! I was going to go for 99 magic, but sadly my staking from my friends wasnt successful. So now i have 0 gp Lol
  7. 99 Range, Lvl 50 Cmb.

    https://gyazo.com/37c6860871942f5874dbbcdda19e5553 https://gyazo.com/7f2cb0deb09001b249ad510c63e24dea
  8. 99 RONGE

    I'm less then 69k from mine! Grats!
  9. Divine Forces 14th Birthday

    Shinobi that legend, so many old names, memories.. I was in that corrupt war. Lol A very happy birthday DF.
  10. 1 more to go!

    Well i plan to level both of them skills. an i gain 7 levels doing cannon quest so.. 297k exp from 99!
  11. 1 more to go!

    110m bought a bulk of 610k. But i was also around lvl 90 when i had purchased. I should probably have around 280k left. Which evens out to around 40m.
  12. 1 more to go!

    Yeah. An i don't have a main, so it was pretty much a couple sugar mamas helped me at first. Then i got scammed and a friend gave me 40m, i chucked some of that in a stake and made about 300m. Gave a friend 75m , another 25, bought gear, and 110m in cballs.
  13. 1 more to go!

    I may eventually go after 99 str eventually too. Then I will be lvl 50 combat with 99 range, mage and str