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  1. Support my Dreams.

    I been doing Winter, Lol. Right now i'm working on Craft. I had 60m, but a streamer went and lost it all on me.
  2. 1 too go

    So what's with your name, is that a Brit thing? grats though.
  3. I Don't Care If You Get Sick From The Sun

    Ross wants to pet your pet snake.
  4. Support my Dreams.

    I was merely hoping for some sort of contribution or handouts Lol Like 200k or some shit, then i could just buy alchables and make a slow profit to work on further skilling.
  5. Support my Dreams.

    Lol I don't have the time making yet another main. The time i do have i invest on this. After i feel i've met a lot of the goals i set to get on this account i may just eventually turn it into a main.
  6. Impeachment

    Isn't his Reign nearly over either way? Good fucking riddens.
  7. Support my Dreams.

    She kept the ring though!
  8. Support my Dreams.

    Oh snap, you all didn't hold back. Lol. Ross i got your set right here. Smile pretty.
  9. PogChamp

    You ain't got many friends mate, wanna have pizza rolls and chill sometime? Grats though. That's Aids to do.
  10. Support my Dreams.

    I've officially made a Gofundme Rs gp Fund. Unfortunately my Kindness was taken for granted an i found myself a victim of scam. Whether it be complete random junk from your ge i can sell, seeds i could farm, wood i may fletch, anything would prove to be highly appreciated. I wouldn't usually resort to this route, but i genuinely wanna remain ambitious in continuing to pursue set goals for my account. It's highly rough as a 10 hp with no main to do much just in general. A photo below is of my current stats. I love you all, in advance. <3 https://gyazo.com/e8e349e3f592300695c2a93c97b97311
  11. What a fucking Babe.
  12. At long last.....

    Grats mate, but that little fucker Ross never came to any of my 99's. Jelly.
  13. ROSS!

    Jake.. I stopped smuggling coke for EL chapo ages ago..
  14. Soo this just happened..

    :3 thanks guys. I'm going to get fm to 50 then do Winter, never done before.
  15. Soo this just happened..

    :3 ty ty. I'm working on crafting some. Just hit 48. Was 7 a hour ago.