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  1. Divine Forces Rev Cave Dominance

    How do you get that kd up?
  2. Divine Forces Rev Cave Dominance

    Dominant Forces.
  3. The dream

    i love you.
  4. Ghostly robes do the trick, i made like 10m off those DI scrubs.
  5. Barrows event volume 2

    You make me proud
  6. 1250 + total

    including some of these. Road to 2k, watch out boys!
  7. 94 Magic, get in!

    Made it past a month, are you proud of me? :cuddles:
  8. Divine Forces Friday Rev Caves Clear

    fucking smashed cunts, cya kids.
  9. Progress 1 month in.

    Pretty happy with my progress so far one month in, soon ill get rid of the one defence once i have the stats to grind out the barrow gloves. From then on its just a grind to 126 once the money for the D bones are in! Ps: stats are to the right Pss: selling cooked Karaamambssbamabs
  10. I GOT ME A 2K TOTAL $!@!@!@~!@~!&^%##!@

    Well done Bruv.
  11. Made it to a month.

    Real life name:Dennis Original & current RSN: Dennisnator0/ Dennisbruv Clan history: Nbk / RR / RSD / EoS / DF 10 refferals please post on this topic to ref me ❤️ Are you willing to be active on our forums? Yes, very willing. Why do you wish to be closer to our community? As soon as i meet the requirements ill join the clan, can't wait. Feels good to stay in touch and you guys motivate me alot with all the help ive been getting. Do you use our IRC or TS? If not, This friday my laptop comes in and ill download them both and be on there regularly Anything else? damotap
  12. Divine Forces vs Vanguard - P2P PKRI

    I do my best whenever you're watching babycakes 🔥
  13. 70 Housing @ Pengy

    Get it son!
  14. Divine Forces vs Vanguard - P2P PKRI

    Ive never seen so much fucking p0wnage