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  1. Divine Forces Annihilates VR 2x

    Good work, DF.
  2. You know whats better than one 3rd age cape? Two. w302
  3. A moment of silence

    I was actually concerned reading the first line. Damn it.
  4. Good work @Good Binds, keep it up.
  5. What's going on with you and Josh? You two still cool or did the staking shit fuck things up? Haven't seen either of you on in a while. Idk what's going on between you two and the acc, but there's still Corps to be killed
  6. Exodus is back

    THE Alliance 2017
  7. Most riveting chats with IMK #7

    It's not ravioli, it's a dumpling. Damn it IMK. Having Polish relatives, I live for Perogees. Homemade BV1 Perogees: Normally just potatoes on the inside. Sometimes you add in some cheese. Once I made Peach and Apricot Perogees. Holy mother of god they were good. Finally a topic I can get behind.
  8. Exodus is back

    Shit man, I've been playing it quite a bit since I've been back. I did that motorcycle heist again recently. Didn't take 18 hours this time
  9. Exodus is back

    Hello Alice! @Sugar
  10. Heron

    I'll take your floating tentacle cloud off your hands for you.
  11. Exodus is back

    As if I'm going to fight in that shit that killed clanning. I'd rather get crashed by shit heads in the wild then use cwa.
  12. Exodus is back

    Why we waited until this week to reopen.
  13. Exodus is back

    Ok NBA....
  14. Exodus is back

    But you guys don't say "Welcome to the City of Wonder." That's a deal breaker right there.
  15. Exodus is back

    Won't be seeing us recruiting from Grand Exchange cough Collision cough