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  1. I was going to try revs with MSB to make some money soom noob got on me in full mystics and whip and I specced him out with msb CAN I SAY A BIG THANK YOU TO SEB FOR SAVING ME FROM THE DEFEATEDS BOYS
  2. fuck rev dude looked really easy
  3. 95 Str

    grats mate
  4. Divine Forces Easter Evening PK

    hell ye dude made bank
  5. hummy

    Sorry I let you down men maybe I will never get an armadyl plate
  6. The saddest moment in Bloodborne

    Love this game
  7. 97

  8. [Updated]Uncut Onyx

    grats mate
  9. [Updated]pvm god

    hell ye
  10. Selling Sigs for RSGP

    Price will be around 5-10m depending on what you want some of my previous work
  11. 2nd beaver

    hell yeah my men
  12. My adventure begin

    oh damn hell ye
  13. Divine Forces Sunday PK

    hell ye big loots
  14. Coconut Picker

    Grats matey
  15. D Jawz

    nice mate
  16. Can't believe I panicked so hard taking screenshot of killing cera for staff of the dead sorry guys I will sort gyazo out for next event thanks for staff cera you punk
  17. Sup

    Absolute animal one of my fave guys in Af and Eos really down to earth and chill to hang out with think if you choose to join you would fit in really well not saying you gay btw