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  1. James McClean

    poppy to remember murdering bastards? no thanks
  2. First Kill Since Coming Back

    very good hummy
  3. Hello

    Hi Taz, what gym do you box at?, been to quite a few around Glasgow and Hamilton, might know you.
  4. POKÉMON Detective

    not a fan of pokemon but this looks brilliant
  5. StevenID0om_

  6. Ideal Weather

    Depends on the conditions id prefer -10c on a calm day opposed to 10-15 with wind and rain
  7. Sup dudes

    u sound like a hun gordon
  8. Tell me about an Italian memory

    2006 world cup
  9. Favorite Candy?

    no thats chocolate you stupid cunt
  10. Wilder is one of the worst heavyweights to hold a world title ever next to no boxing ability, the yanks are in for a shock when Fury cruises to an easy unanimous decision.
  11. TV Shows

    Don't really like any shows/films with superheroes tbh
  12. Victor HG's =)

    good days and bad days
  13. Victor HG's =)

    hi victor, ref
  14. Smash or dash?

    id fuck anything
  15. 1v1 competition

    good luck, why not have 80-90 (pure bracket) and 90-100 (zerk bracket)

    Enjoy lad
  17. Cashews

    Ye they are my favourite nut
  18. I see DF is still hated

    you're boasting about getting bullied at revs, the fucking state of you
  19. [SPOILER] Conor VS Khabib

    Sad to see what happened at the end, someone will be killed over this.
  20. Hey ppl

    Hi, congratulations on your move.
  21. counter right hand

    was fighting a mate from the gym just an exhibition, let him recover after this one