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  1. Was a feast only died once lmao GF
  2. Thanks for the loot smell ya around
  3. We started our pk trip after seeing some juicy Vengeance loot in the wilderness. Sadly they didn't have enough to give us a proper fight back so our clashes didn't last long.. Eventually ran into Divine Kings for the first time. Fight lasted for a decent amount of time until we had too much for them to handle. Rebanked and found Sv which gave us a pretty lengthy fight. Fight was in our favor from start to finish, sv members were dropping left and right eventually downgrading to dairy/adamant. Didn't help them as they got fully cleared shortly after. We didn't have enough yet so we went out to find Divine Kings again (after 20 minutes of dk massing north inside the cave) whom we also cleared quickly again. Good fight men, see you around
  4. Yo PoggerChamp!

    Wow decent!
  5. More largin

    Start doing bird house runs @Mugamas you'll save so much time
  6. IMK?

    Hello imk?
  7. Hey ppl

    Ello Aya
  8. Chef

  9. Some Gains

    Good. Congrats!
  10. 98 hp