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  1. Df vs Ct [Video]

    That last barrage pile LMFAO Nice vid I enjoyed it
  2. Lil Zik

    Congrats Rene!
  3. Choppy's Intro

    sup lad, welcome to the forums.
  4. Raids unique 8/15 btw (called)

    You're welcome to hoard uniques on my account any time you please. Gz dude
  5. it doesnt end (btw)

    Big RNG on this lad By the way, Congrats.
  6. Good Gains Come in 5s

    why when I can literally burn through this cash stack? ye just cbf suiting up and learning WT when I just wanted this level before class
  7. Band Game

    Electric Light Orchestra
  8. Saper's Intro

    yo, welcome.
  9. farming forces let it burn (420 joke) idk not at all lonely
  10. Ty bird

    Very nice!
  11. 115 comb

    Well done lads. Congrats. Keep up the good work - maxed combat is so worth it