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  1. Getting close

    Very nice. Well done and congrats mate
  2. DF at it again. Larged and made bank
  3. The Fishiest of them All

    Congrats mate!
  4. GoT S8 April 2019

    I think his ridiculously detailed writing style backed him into a corner that was compounded exponentially by GOT's meteoric rise to fame. I think it's fucked when people worry that an author/director/actor may die before their magnum opus has concluded, but in regards to GRRM I truly worry that may be the case. If anyone has doubt, just Google any picture of that rotund MF
  5. GoT S8 April 2019

    Jesus fuck mate, I'm so envious of you. Let me assure you, this isn't one of those shows that experienced a short-lived, viral-like popularity that quickly fade into mediocrity. (i'm looking at you, Homeland.) I used to be the dude that didn't engage in shit like this simply because everyone was doing it. However, GOT (and, much more so, the ASOIAF universe) is on another level, and it proves it's value over and over again. It's definitely among the 5 best shows I've ever seen
  6. Ironman Quests

    well done mate. congrats
  7. New Pet

    Very nice! Congrats mate
  8. Another day well spent feasting to excess
  9. POKÉMON Detective

    IDK wtf to think about this lol
  10. Band Game

    De La Soul
  11. 5 on it

    44 + my 12 year old self's goal: