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    2. Pengy


      Hal has pretty good stuff for the most part. I think it's important to do the shorter runs, but take them super easy. The point is for you to be on your feet and accumulating that training load, even if it isn't high intensity. It's only 4 runs a week with Hal's novice 1. Where he says to do 5K and 10K races, you could treat those as time trials instead of actually doing races. As with anything, make sure you ease your way into the training. The first week is 12 miles, so you want to work your way up to that so you don't get hurt if you aren't at that mileage already.

    3. StevenID0om_


      So the races are actually ones where you push eachother to see how your body reacts under a competion-like stress whereas the regular run should be much more focused on building mileage - so basically take them pretty easily, the most important is the distance not the time? 


      I feel it's something I have trouble doing since I always want to push myself if I can - let's say for the first few weeks it's 3 miles runs - what pace would you run them vs the pace you could go if you pushed yourself for them - just to have a rough estimate

    4. Pengy


      No set pace, just whatever feels easy. I would race 3 miles at around 6:20ish min/mile. If I'm going easy then I do like 9-9:30 min/mile.

  2. Bran is the night king mark my words
  3. 1. Real life/preferred name: Stéfan/Steven 2. Display name: StevenID0om_ 3. Previous names & aliases: Nice RS recovery questions - what's next, my mother's maiden's name? 4. About yourself: Hey hi hello, as most of you probably know, I'm a 21 years old university student from Montreal, Canada. Other interests below, Music: I love most genre of music, here's a 77 hours sample if you've enjoyed my music bot over the years - I've also had piano lessons for about 8 years & I still learn new pieces (currently learning some anime weeb shit, quit judging me) Movies: seen most of the IMDB top 100, currently trying to watch as many movies in the top 250 as possible. Podcasts: I've been listening to quite a few podcasts while going to place A to B & making summaries to retain the information, here's a few: Freakonomics, Planet Money, Philosophize this!, History of Rome, Stuff You Should Know & The Daily Sports: I go to the gym 5+/week, run 2+ & yoga on the days I'm too lazy to move. I also play hockey, squash & recently joined a dragonboat team. I've done a 10km last month and am planning to move on to a half-marathon and eventually a full one. I watch NHL/NBA/NFL/tennis mostly. Books: Currently reading A Short History of Everything by Bill Bryson, almost done. Next one on the list is Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell Games: Fortnite & recently oldschool RuneScape 5. Clan history: Divine Forces - 2012-2018 - refer to signature Renegades - 2018-2018 - Mutually parted ways since my inactivity wasn't ideal 6. Where did you hear about DF? 7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them: Murray, IMK, Jelle, Omniusha, Rene, Alice, Ekstra, Manjep, Chronicflame, Jim, Joe, Korneel, Maboe, Seb, Bob, Boszy, Daniel, Dylan, Good Binds, Pato, Redroc, Sem, Shad, Sutty, Tmo, Branflakez, Danny, Frozen, Joonas, Lighten, Pengy, Rohan, Samor, George, Neversober, Sheli, Mugamas, Kuli (wait you actually joined), Eli, Jack, Jake + most, if not all Hunny Guests (s/o Bob Kelso & Ila161) 8. Reason for introduction: As most of you guys probably know, I left DF around July to join Renegades. I've always enjoyed the clan and the community but my passion for warring and the game in general was slowly vanishing. I've decided to give RNG a shot before calling it quits because I did have a lot of good friends and perhaps a new environment was necessary for me. Spoilers alert, it did not work out and I've logged maybe 10 hours in the past 5 months. With the rise of OSRS via mobile (the worldlist was like 2x as wide as it used to be wtf), I've had a couple of IRL friends who've started to play. I'll scape here & there on my phone or while AFKing something on my laptop, but I'm done with warring. I've always typed a lot whether it was on forums, IRC, discord, bottom of TS & in clan chat - hopefully I can have clan chat access because scaping alone's pretty lonely . 9. Additional comments: Nah, nothing
  4. Few months/years ago, I used to host a music bot on teamspeak and I believe some people enjoyed it so here's the entire playlist - I'll keep updating it so give it a follow if you liked it =) It covers a lot of people's taste - classical music, disney movies, movie soundtracks, rock, rap, EDM, pop, etc
  5. y do you act surprised when the game is rigged 4 you
  6. StevenID0om_


    i love brits?
  7. people can do this in 4 now wtf
  8. play stupid games win stupid prizes rip tho