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  1. Vio's Quest to Join DF

    Making progress, got all the gear needed While chinning was brilliant xp, it'd destroy my meagre bank so I decided to try nmz with broad bolts instead and got 88 range Cheap but painfully slow. I've since switched to using a blowpipe which I think is a decent midpoint between the two. Another level tonight/this morning 3 down, 7 to go!
  2. First pk with DF, was fun
  3. do u shave ur legs?

    Nope, way too much effort
  4. I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but there's a good chance DF is about to die because of a curse associated with me. That's not a joke. The Abyssal Guardians, Cutthroat Syndicate and the country clan French Riders all closed once I expressed interest in joining and started training to meet their requirements. Every clan I make an effort to join by training combat dies before I can apply. That's 3 clans. 1 would be nothing or 2 a coincidence, but 3 is pretty solid evidence. It's the reason why I started an entirely new account from scratch to join WG. Now it might be that the curse was only on my original account and DF is safe, but there is the chance that WG was just an exception and Divine Forces will meet their end in 2017 - perhaps even in the next few days. That being said, let's hope it's not the case, and so I shall start by documenting my progress. 3/4/17 - 75 prayer, 87 range, 94 HP (also got me 115 combat) Got the 75 prayer just for the wrench bonus but if I ever get an ely I can wield it as well, which is cool. 9 range levels to go it would be faster to get 4 mage levels but I really dislike maging in p2p, would rather get the 96 range
  5. Vio says hi

    Real life name: Vio/Keanu Age: 24 Original & current RSN: Originally Kecooler/WG Keanu, currently Amethystia (gonna try and snipe 'Vio' with name release) Clan history: Since then I've rejoined RBH Interests & Hobbies: Cars, cats, casual pc gaming (RS, minecraft, old CoDs). In rs I like slayer, construction and looting fights Reason for introduction: True 2k8 told me to Where did you hear about us from?: The alliance with WG Anything else? I <3 murray