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  1. Divine Forces Salubrious Saturday

    a lot of looties
  2. Ghrazi Rapier

    v nice
  3. Giant - PK Video

    I like the baby tank clips. One of the few people I'll actually watch player killing montages of in the year of 2018. Keep up the good work.
  4. Divine Forces 13th Birthday

    The only remaining legacy clan worth a damn. Happy birthday Divine Friends
  5. Giant Squirrel

  6. Scyyyyyyyythe of Vitur

    richest clan
  7. Big Runescaperman Owner

    Something I've always wanted but never had the willpower (fuck questing)
  8. Alinity actually getting deported LUL

    not sure who she is but that body is the truth would white knight/10
  9. One Hundred and Twenty Four Combat

    Nice stuff JAH
  10. di close ~.~

    Irony considering they were part of this "not growing up" problem.
  11. Someone got all pets

    but does he have gold cw armor? probably not cause he's a scrub