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  1. Thats my boy mugamas not me
  2. Real life name: Mugy Age: 21 Original & current RSN: confidential for now Clan history: Last 6 years Solace 2010-2012: This was one of the best clans that I have joined. Always had a solid community and had lots of boys there. Been through ups and downs with all the niggas there. Started in the clan when it had 30ish members and the rise to the top. Stayed till fm11 raged and closed the clan. The Rising 2015-2017: Joined for the community and it was really fun. Made lots of friends but bad decisions led to its demise. Clan turned community. Interests & Hobbies: Play league, hearthstone, ps4 and chill with friends but thats rare now due to work. Reason for introduction: looking for a community to chill with until work I return to rs again. Where did you hear about us from?: My side bitch mugamas came barking for his master. Anything else?