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  1. FAKE NEWS!!!

    Thank god we have Trump.
  2. jetters

  3. My adventure begin

    O no it Chin
  4. Farm

    V Nice
  5. The Smelly Boys Club

  6. Who got invites for mobile beta??

    Only betas
  7. haHAAAA?

  8. 95 Fisherman

    Keep going and one day you'll be just like me.
  9. Finally got it; Elite void

  10. Circa 2007 training

    V strong
  11. Escaping RoT at MB

    Expected outcome.
  12. MurkaMonsta's into

    V nice sig
  13. Giff l Tama

    Good guy even though he was/is Rev.
  14. JAH Community Introduction

    Keep AZ red and we good