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  1. Finally got it; Elite void

    I should get IRC so I can constantly HL you again eh?
  2. "Who Remembers When"

    Holy fuck is that actually Miko
  3. Finally got it; Elite void

    Hi Dale
  4. BACK 2 BACK

    Wanna play a game of Risk?
  5. Montreal Canadiens

    lmao oh fuck. In my defense I wasn't even old enough to drive back then lmao
  6. James

    Please tell me this is Loco Thugs lmao #Wegudpk
  7. James

    Wow James you hurt my feelings
  8. James

    Only person in #Cdrsc history to be as dumb as SavageRaven lmao I miss you
  9. Montreal Canadiens

    haha what did I do now? And ye you have a habit of disappearing randomly if I remember lmao
  10. Alice woke up at 4am for this

    Still 10x stronger then you Aaron, sorry to burst your bubble
  11. Montreal Canadiens

    By the looks of it you aren't home either????? Wuu2 Aaron
  12. Montreal Canadiens

    Started playing when me and my finacee split, was bored and needed something to do lmao
  13. Montreal Canadiens

    Holy shit I love you man
  14. Montreal Canadiens

    Hey David, how's it going bud?