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  1. Once again, Divine Forces ventures into the heart of the wildy. We headed out with the finest shooters out here. We ran into Vit a couple of times but they dont want no smoke. Fucking shit had to stop with the pics or it would break the forums lmao
  2. Divine Forces Wednesday Rev Clear

    teehee was fun :P!!
  3. On this faithful day Divine Forces spur massed 35 young brave gender neutral individuals in hopes of shitting on open clan chats, vr, vit and random shitty clans. I would say today was a good day filled with tons of loot and fun. After about two hours of clearing Revs, GDs, etc or so we were satisfied and called it a day. Behold our various player kills And here and here are some more Do you see? DO YOU SEE? here are some more Good shit boys.
  4. smh couldnt make it good shit though
  5. Divine Forces Tasteful Thursday

    missed all the action but good shit
  6. couldnt make it but looked like you guys feasted good shit boys
  7. Divine Forces empties the Wilderness

    made bonk maging so ez
  8. Maxed before IMK

    grats nig
  9. my ballista did work!!
  10. bank was made.. AGAIN
  11. Divine Forces Monday Peekay

    wtf so many fucking kills so easy lmao made bonk
  12. Divine Forces +1 Snatching Fiends

    smoking all you shit clans lmao so easy!!
  13. Kodai Insignia with Omni and Korneel

    I might be DF's best pvmer tbhimo
  14. MugHG

    reffed this dumb ass
  15. Divine Forces Annihilates Renegades

    lmao rng down fuck boys
  16. Divine Forces Tuesday PK ft Rev & Jj

    made so much bank that its bonk
  17. Divine Forces Lil Monday PK

    greatest p2p clan of all time