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  1. Divine Forces Sunday Feast

    The yearly @Omniusha topic, love it. Looks good lads.
  2. Ozark - Netflix Original

    Not watched it, I just finished Big Mouth’s second season. Funny show!
  3. 98 Farming

    The grind man. hope all these new patches fail. It’ll make 99 farming so easy
  4. Lads. Cant wait to get back PKing in a few weeks!
  5. Scythe of Vitur

  6. Hey ppl

  7. Maxed before IMK

    Damn gz man
  8. A return to the high seas

    I reckon it’ll peak at some point and then probably settle on Netflix/Amazon/Disney The LOTR and Wheel of Time series are gonna be absolutely massive for Amazon as well
  9. A return to the high seas

    Not surprised with soon to be 5 mainstream streaming services (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Disney) people aren’t gonna pay for what probably equals £40 per month for all of those Netflix is still the best of them all IMO, they offer the best exclusives (marvel shows which aren’t going anywhere as Netflix produce them)
  10. Technical Assistance

    My internet at my halls when I was at uni was pretty fast, it was wired only though (although me and everyone else bought our own WiFi boxes), can’t help sorry bud! I’d report it to the uni though it’s 2018, fast WiFi should be everywhere, see if anyone else is having the same problem too and speak to the building managers
  11. Best Litho ever existed LUL

    Julius caesar my boy ref