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    If only...
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    Not married
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    Bar tab was $176 at 1 bar during the night..... - Also this is only going off of the receipts i found in my pants pocket the next day. Does not include any alcohol i purchase when i got home (the house we were staying at), or all of them as i see pending charges but no clue what the totals are because they haven't processed with tip yet
  5. Recent Vacation

    I am unable to comment on this. I am only going based off the information i was provided.
  6. Recent Vacation

    So.... I went on vacation/attended my best friends wedding over the weekend. It was a pretty sweet time that involved the beach, liquor, and lots of female strippers. Not necessarily in that order or together at the same time. MY liver is still not the happiest as i typically am not one to drink and spend well over $250 between Thursday and Saturday.... All of the strippers also took the rest of my money so i'm pretty broke atm Why is Scampr telling us this you may ask yourself...... Well that is because i finally met a DF member for the first time IRL. It just so happened he knew and is dating someone on the now wive's side of the family. It was nice to finally get a face to put with a name @NeverSober. Next time many drinks will need to be consumed, but hopefully since we live in the same city we won't have to go 900 miles away to meet up again...... Now who is next to meet up with the scumpster irl???????
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    looka ez
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    I need to do the quest and learn this...
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    decent.... Decent