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  1. Good Binds - HG

    Real life name: EJ Original & current RSN: Original: Bluewater Current: Good Binds Clan history: Blizzard Empire, Black Knights (2 years), TRWF (1 Year), Exodus (2 Years), Black Knights (1 Year), Divine Forces (past nearly 7 years) Who are your 10 referrals? Justin Sutty Rene Alice Bob IMK Sheli Pato Ross Korneel Dylan Luke Jelle Are you willing to be active on our forums? Yes I am able to post on community intros & fight topics and argue with @Bob Kelso topics. Why do you wish to be closer to our community? DF has the best community that I have ever been apart of. While I cannot get to events nowadays, I still would like to be a washed up fly on the wall to chat with the lads and see what is going on. Do you use our Discord or TS? If not, why? Yes. Anything else? Will be out of town for the next few days on a business trip to South Carolina.
  2. Divine Forces Thursday Loot

    Nice lads
  3. High Risk anti ft. UNK and 91 prayer

  4. Uh hullo?

    what up bud
  5. Divine Forces Sunday PK ft UNK

    nice lads looked like a blast
  6. Redwoods giveth

    gz bud
  7. Most Riveting Chats with IMK #16

    Speaking truth IMK! Dan Brown, John Grisham, Erik Larson, Kjell Eriksson, Stieg Larrson etc. always down for a non-fiction or historical fiction murder mystery or thriller.
  8. Divine Forces Saturday Sweep

    Nice lads protect the winston
  9. loot from 1000 hill giants

    please tell me this was a diary achievement or something
  10. [18/42] heron pet

    niice simion
  11. 99 range today