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  1. Premier League Fantasy Football 18/19

    @Daniel I'm sorry but you MUST have one of the following: Kane, Salah, Aguero.
  2. Rate the song above

  3. 99 Magic

    Congrats, nice to have the combat maxed out
  4. Gaming mouse

    I agree. But I suspect a better mouse would prove be very helpful for fps games
  5. Gaming mouse

    Yeah I used a mouse pad when I use to have a PC. However I never bothered to get one when I bought my laptop even though I use a mouse. Suppose I can get away with it using it against a desk when playing OSRS (works perfectly fine!) , might invest in one for fps games Anyway I appreciate the lengthy and helpful response, however I still have some a question over "dpi". I understand the concept, when you move a 2000 dpi mouse 1 inch, it covers 2000 pixels on the screen. I only plan on playing fps games in which a low dpi is recommended for better accuracy/movements as you stated above. So I presume an extremely high dpi mouse such as 12000 is just irrelevant and pointless to me, correct? Based on everyone else's opinion, a Logitech mouse is the way to go. The above link is probably the Logitech mouse I'll get. As for the likes of G502/602, I feel they're a bit too fancy/unnecessary for me personally as I'm only starting out as a beginner. Anyway I linked the mouse above just to get your opinion and make sure there's no major issues. Quite simply, is it viable?
  6. Gaming mouse

    My standard 5 euro mouse has finally broke so I'm currently on the hunt for a new mouse So I tend to play all my games on console because that's where all my friends are at and console is what I played growing up. OSRS is the only PC game I play (although I have been inactive on that due to uni and well, I play to pk and it doesn't look fun anymore(Multi seems quite inactive, singles community is so toxic and when it comes to hybriding, everyone sits at 120 hp ) As a result, I'm a rookie when it comes to this stuff so I'd like some suggestions/advice regarding a new mouse. 1) Are these "gaming" mouses a must have over normal/standard mouses when it comes to playing fps games? As I would like to try out games such as PUBG/CSGO at some stage. 2) If these "gaming" mouses are worth it, what are some of the things I should be looking for in a gaming mouse? If a gaming mouse proves to be very helpful, I will grab one to give myself any advantage since I have tried an fps using a mouse/keyboard before and have no idea how people do it .. practice makes perfect I guess Anyways, would appreciate if ye could recommend some decent mouses, nothing crazy in terms of price since it is just a mouse at the end of the day :L Cheers lads.
  7. real 126

    Congrats man
  8. Woox actually fucking does it

    Really impressive tbf, fair play to him

    Don't try laugh it off , smh though
  10. 1750 Total

    Congrats , road to 2k starts now
  11. Its me Chin

  12. Loot from 300 barrows chest (im) (btw)

    Interesting to see, could be worse/better as you said
  13. NHL 18

    Yeah I had the 360 but chose PS4 as my next gen console. PS4 finally have legends on FUT so it's only a matter of time before you switch along with everyone else
  14. NHL 18

    Wouldn't happen to have a cheeky PS4 , would you?