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  1. collected some tears

    OP is a noob.
  2. Hey, stranger. I am just here to let you know that any reference in my posts to "Danny" means I am not talking to you, but to my beloved gay Belgian ZottenDree, who is still sad that you stole his name on these forums. Hopefully this clears the confusion and you will not think weird thoughts of me, not saying that you did, but humans are creatures of wide variety and anything is possible. Peace name-theif.

  3. What tilts you irl?

    People who get tilted by other people. Clam the fck down.
  4. Dance with me Danny

    @AR07 since I got forced to make an account here and noticing that this place has Like + Notification system and is a place for socializing
  5. do u sit down while u pee?

    You pee in the sink and wash the pee-pee after.
  6. nhoobish INTRODUCTION

    Hans says I am 2913 days old. Head Jaani!
  7. nhoobish INTRODUCTION

    Good luck with your task and better add witty rhymes to spice things up!
  8. nhoobish INTRODUCTION

    What does it do? Can I use it?
  9. 1. Real life/preferred name: Henri 2. Display name: nhoobish 3. Previous names & aliases: Heimirich 4. About yourself: First played RS when I was 6-7, was f2p pleb for a long time and pk-d a lot. Took some breaks here and there, quitted when wildy disappeared, came back to RS3 when they introduced bonds, so I played first time membs after like 12 years and started playing the membs content/quests. PKing was dead, did try it in RS3 though it was really disappointing since everyone was with maxed stats and all this fancy curses and shitty stuff. Every now and then went to PK f2p in osrs cause RS3 became increasingly more boring with the free xp events and shit. So finally turned over to osrs, currently have osrs ironman p2p and osrs range pure pk f2p for fun times (both are low levels). That aside, I really like potatoes, just finished picking up 28 and now going to cook them to get my lvl 10 cooking so i can get my Redberry pies for Thurgo. 21 IRL and uni student. I like cycling and shooting and taking photos and sometimes writing crazy stupid poems about people who I know, just to troll them and remind I love them. Also, used to host tournaments for an other game over 4 years, somewhat caring of the community I am in (though at the same time really apathetic piece of shit aswell)! 5. Clan history: Never been in a clan 6. Where did you hear about DF? Some asshole named Dan/ZottenDree keeps messaging and nudging and poking me with his porker to do this, I am not even good at PK anymore, let alone have 7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them: From Dan. Here is a poem I wrote for him once, because he is a fgt. I once met a man, whose name was Dan. He likes little girls and watches them twirl. He is a total schmuck and always wants to fuck. (He disturbs public peace and rubs himself with feces.) He never hides his farts and steals computer parts. He lives in a cave and does not (know how to) behave. HIS NAME IS DAN AND HE IS A REAL MAN! Edit: Actually wrote two. Might aswell post the other one aswell since it is RuneScape themed. There once lived a man named Dan, he really wanted to be part of a RuneScape clan. So he trained hard day and night, to be able to put up a fight. But when it came down to the wire, his situation was very, very dire. He had 3 Sharks left and not a single potion, he tried his best and mimiced his opponents' motion. But he grew tired of the battle, and fell as his armour made a rattle. Edit2: Wrote the 2nd one when he was tryharding 10+ hours a day to qualify for the deep wilderness pking in this clan. 8. Reason for introduction: See above, the Dan guy wants me to join and wont let me be, maybe one it will be nice to pk with a clan, but that will take a lot of effort. 9. Additional comments: All you noobs in Kingdom of Kouruenduendsd (or whatever it is), you suck for being there!