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  1. OUR LEADER IS FAMOUS - Runefest

    Brings back nostaligic memories. Quite inspirational speech Ross :p.
  2. Wait, is Inferno cape a requirement to join DF?
  3. Markito irl

  4. Which Do you prefer ?

    I prefer winter to be honest, I'm not easily cold, and I do prefer to feel cold than too warm. Easier for me to warm up than cooling down.
  5. Pepsi or Coke ?

    I don't drink soda much anymore but if I do then it's Cherry Coke all day.
  6. Osrs Mobile Release Date Announced

    Couldn't access the game on my phone today, is it down till it's officially out?
  7. Zybez Closing

    So easy to hate on Zybez now that it has closed its doors.. I can't say I'm sad about it, I mostly used Zybez's forum for its clan discussion sub-forum, and it's safe to say it has been dead for a while now. But I can't hate on them either way. From my small "country clan" French Riders, to Shadow Elves, it was all about Zybez. If I didn't get hooked by what was going on in Clan Discussion sub-forum back then, I probably would have never heard about Shadow Elves. And without getting into Shadow Elves, I would've never heard about all the others clans (like Divine Forces), and the list was long back then. If it wasn't for Zybez's popularity due to its guide and helpful community, I don't think the clans would've had the same visibility. So, regardless of the direction Zybez took the last year(s), thanks to W13 for what he did to the game, and thanks to everyone that were a part of it.
  8. Money aside, is it fun at all anymore?
  9. Is it actually still interesting to do some PvP on OSRS in 2018?
  10. Woot Season 7

    Time to grind again!
  11. .

    Me neither.
  12. What is your favorite closed clan?

    Shadow Elves, for obvious reasons. Then come Adelais, Collision, TDM, Eternal Honour, TRWF, Red Devil Clan, etc... I definately miss the "old" clan world.
  13. FapGore

    Play me Ross.