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  1. 99 Runecrafting

    gz buddy, A huge win 4 sure!
  2. Technical Assistance

    Sounds like the boys have helped u already! as an option Id suggest you to use your mobile hotspot to play! =)

    wow! that's really balls deep bro!
  4. Y2Quak's Intro

    Hello Sulli! pretty sure you gonna like the boys & girls here! make sure u hang at CC and IRC
  5. Divine Forces Monday PK

    Gj! someone is lvl 4 mining now!
  6. Which Trilogy do you prefer ?

    though one for sure but i'll stick with Potter. The Golden trio means so much for me.
  7. Scythe of Vitur + Justiciar Faceguard

    What is that? D:
  8. eminem just released new alblumn

    You better never doubt Eminem...
  9. I'm back.

    GZ Roy
  10. True Detective Season 3 Teaser

    they can try but they will never get close to the season 1.
  11. big nrd Konduit now the best runescape interface?
  12. Describe the person above you in one word

    Great at runescaping!
  13. Giant Squirrel