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  1. Barrows Complete

    ? not even an ironman lol
  2. MASSIVE rage

  3. MASSIVE rage

    should watch arsenalfan tv meltdown haha on youtube
  4. MASSIVE rage

    Do you watch arsenal fan tv?
  5. 5th pet on ironmeme

    i hope too
  6. 5th pet on ironmeme

    Lfc champs
  7. 5th pet on ironmeme

    free scales aswell
  8. 9/15 btw

    ancestral completed
  9. [15/41] kbd pet

    oeh gz
  10. solo raids progress + drop :D btw

    i just drop dupes to main and stake it
  11. solo raids progress + drop :D btw

    you need solo olm lessons?
  12. 3 brews left and pb time done 8 no suicides so far got loot when i died ofc haha
  13. Woox jr (btw)

    first time no suicide raid completed:D first attempt too no loot but im happy
  14. Very rare elite clue (btw)

    haha i didnt knew them either, prayer gloves haha