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  1. hi

    Nice to meet you.
  2. Biggest win in forever

    Have you lost it all yet?
  3. The year is 2100

    That's the year you will be maxing. Grats.
  4. King Italo Comeback :D

    Frank's not in DF anymore after @Sugar bullied him out for barraging us. :PPP Welcome back Italo.
  5. Shot some javs and the <><es got the +1s. Smited some pvmer for his bow cause he was too busy celebrating getting a medallion that he didn't check his prayer and disrupted some poor noob trying to alch for 99 mage. Pics:
  6. DF vs WM 11/18/18

    Thanks for the fight Wild Might.
  7. "There's a clump southwest" - Bob Kelso. Grats.
  8. dhcb