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  1. Champion's Cape

    nic boberino back to pet prison for u tho
  2. some iron luck

  3. Rift Guardian

    gratisimo boberino (italian for congratulations bob!)
  4. Thought of the day

  5. I think im being followed

    this man is raising a human child and cant take screen shots in 2018 SMH christopher...smh Grats though, the number of rc pets in this clan is too damn high
  6. Ironmeme

  7. Mac Miller dead Aged 26

    Drugs, man...
  8. If you found a wallet on the ground..

    Mail it to them, hand it over to customer service if in a store or hand it over to a police station if on the street with no id/address. Not going to turn into a thieving little shit over like fucking $30 or what ever is in the average wallet.
  9. Tangleroot #2

    nice merch bobberz
  10. rift guardian

    u and exstra stupid russian federation idiot geting some hands
  11. Divine Forces PVM Bingo Results

    notable drops: Arma helm
  12. Its on my body permanently now

    nice tie
  13. Very important poll

    this is confusing, you put crisps inside sandwiches so???