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  1. Pack it up boys Donalds fucked

    It doesn't perfectly fit though, the spacing is weird in the way he's done it at least. Sooner you get rid of him the better doesn't matter a whole lot how you do so.
  2. love loot

    did you double up though?
  3. Took me over a year to get this

    Herbs for farming xp
  4. POKÉMON Detective

    4/10 Pikachu is not Garfield but now he is. Also just salty of all the things they could have done with Pokemon, they chose this.
  5. Impressive or batshit crazy?

    Regarding woox I said "outside of RS and work", he has a pretty good job by all accounts and I imagine he is pretty good at doing his job too. Working and playing RS with all your time would still not be considered "healthy" if he is on the spectrum, which is again speculation but doesn't seem unlikely, that still rings true to my point. Something else, somewhere along the line suffers, whether you as a player are comfortable with it or not, it's probably not good in the long run. None of these guys, what ever their story, sat here playing rs in floods of tears but that is the point, rs was a part of the removal from it in some cases, in others the strong "addiction" is maybe part of a symptom, who knows.
  6. Well Deserved for Helping a Sister

    should not be rewarded for helping ross. Pair of you have like 500 arma kc combined for pet drops smh
  7. Impressive or batshit crazy?

    You gotta bare in mind that with a lot of these things, on this game, they come hand in hand with a lot of sadness, loneliness and often sort of "tragedy" in the real world. Lowlander used to be shredded and I think he competed in triathlons and small body building competitions until he began to play RS to the extreme. Quit his job, got fat, got lonely, got bored, very unhealthy and after the death of his second hardcore ironman that he played an average of 18 hours on for 43 days I think it was he pretty much stopped streaming, stopped playing and went back to sort his life out. Jebrim is legitimately socially retarded, I don't use that just to insult him but he has no ability to grasp what is normal and what is abnormal, what is appropriate to say and what is not. I find it hard to believe that woox maintains a healthy social and family life outside of RS and Work with the time he invests into things like working out solo TOB. We know nothing about him though so I'm being judgemental based on how he comes across on stream and the time we know he spends playing rs. Even b0aty has been vocal in the past year about how not having balance between him streaming/playing rs and having a life was taking a toll on his mental health and we've probably all been there our selves. Lots of people started playing this game because of the "escape" aspect of it, for me as a kid that was definitely true and came true again when I picked up OSRS as my Dad died and my girlfriend moved abroad. Depression and mental illness can fester online and communities like RS support those people, help them forget and sometimes, like ROT, weaponize those peoples' predisposition to be nasty and malicious. Runescape in all regards is a double edged sword, there is no two ways about it. For every "great achievement" there is a school course that was sacrificed, a job that was sacrificed, a relationship that suffered, an absence of a healthy lifestyle, so drawing the line between batshit and impressive seems pretty hard when for these kind of cases, they are the same thing.
  8. Sup dudes

    I remember your name from RDK lol
  9. Ant ons Fa App

    not maxed in 2018 bro wtf
  10. I didnt even know this was possible

    wow ok have fun on evo discord
  11. Is this what she does?

  12. I really like Brendan, dude stepped in to write a blank cheque to pay medical bills for an MMA figher he didn't know, who's kid was sick.
  13. Lil'Zik

    I thought that was me? Is ekstra encroaching on my territory?
  14. Champion's Cape

    nic boberino back to pet prison for u tho
  15. some iron luck