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  1. How long would you have to date to propose?

    Im not into marriage very much... Been with my GF for 8 years and a half now still not married Won't be for now either if we ever. If I would like too.. probably 5 years together 3 years living together.
  2. Plants

    Fake plants Does it count?!
  3. it doesnt end (btw)

    Grats man Keep it up
  4. Raids unique 8/15 btw (called)

    Grats man!
  5. Good Gains Come in 5s

    Nice lvls! Keep it up
  6. Ty bird

    Grats Sutty
  7. 115 comb

    Congrats keep it up
  8. 93 slayer

    Congrats, keep it up
  9. 5 Today

    Congrats! Keep it up
  10. Divine Forces Sunday Feast

    Looked fun, grats DF!
  11. 3rd solo drop btw never lucky

    Very nice man, congrats Keep it up
  12. Zenyte Shard

    Nice loot Congrats!
  13. 98 fm

    Almost there, almost there! Keep it up