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  1. Divine Forces Sunday PK ft WM, Rev

    Nice loot, grats DF
  2. Very rare elite clue (btw)

    Nice loot, congrats man
  3. Call me Sempai, #2200

    Grats man, keep it up
  4. 1/171 btw

    Unlucky But congrats
  5. 300th task

    Nice man, keep it up
  6. 116 comb

    Grats man, keep it up
  7. Pretty uncute Justiciar Leggings

    Grats on the loot!
  8. 83 att

    Congrats, keep it up
  9. Divine Forces Saturday Morning PK

    Looked fun! Grats DF
  10. 92 Orb Placing

    Grats man! Keep it up
  11. 99 fm

    Very nice, congrats
  12. Happy Birthday Rene!

    Happy Birthday Rene and Alz Have a good one!!
  13. Rapier 5 man

    Grats on the loot
  14. Herbi!!!!

    Damn, congrats Nice pet!
  15. 95

    Nice job! Getting there, keep it up
  16. $$ Money dragon $$

    Nice loot, congrats
  17. Smash or dash?

    I think she look like a man lol
  18. Ninety Seven Part I

    Grats man, keep it up
  19. Wheres my tbow?

    Loooooot. Grats
  20. Mobile training at work 😋

    Congrats, keep it up
  21. She clicks

    Grats man, keep it up
  22. Gratsi

    Grats on the loot
  23. Divine Forces Wednesday Rev Clear

    The amount of +1..... yall get everytime is insane Grats on the loots again!
  24. no fucking way

    Alright. I had no idea what to expect opening this I was thinking a Tbow lol. But hey that's probly not a very common hairline