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  1. Grats me haha pt 2

    Gratz dmoronwiener
  2. [Updated]2 in a day

  3. How you gonna kill a man's cat like that
  4. Best sandwich meat?

    Pick one, we're not talking some crazy fancy shit like prosciutto or anything standard going to any deli and picking what you want.
  5. dont hate

    300m split > training fletching making magic longbows
  6. Best sandwich meat?

    You ain't even know what's on a bmt you ass hat.
  7. [Updated]On the board

    Making good use of my Slayer task pal That's my boy and I have my ways
  8. R1 or Best of Three

    Round 1 would mean there's multiple rounds it's a bo1 or bo3 champ
  9. lmao blue eyes white dragon!!

    Sick dude
  10. Post your Phone Wallpaper

  11. Gagged

    water fuk
  12. More Haley Pictures

    As requested updated pictures of our furry addition. She's pretty cute This was the first night we had her. She fit in a little laundry basket. I fits, I sits Majestic on the snow mound Don't leave Daddddd are we home yettttttt?
  13. More Haley Pictures

  14. I swear it's always a complete fuckin bombshell that does this shit.
  15. FTW! Team Trinity and Sanity

    You look like you're sleep deprived maybe you should stop making these stupid videos and just go to sleep permanently
  16. 98+75

    173 What do I get for getting you the correct answer first?
  17. 96 Farming

    You own wow
  18. Looks like bank was made
  19. Maxed

    Thanks for telling me when you were doing this btw
  20. Good standing on Danny while he's talking lmfao
  21. Meet Haley