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  1. Yo

    Got decently close to maxing combat, decided to speed things up and try botting. Instant ban basically, lmao... Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes.
  2. Yo

    1. Real life/preferred name: Collin 2. Display name: BLOODYCOLLIN 3. Previous names & aliases: To many to remember. 4. About yourself: I'm 22 I've been playing RS on and off since like 05. Just finished up school and started working from home giving me a lot of free time. 5. Clan history: Pre-Eoc: Various small man single teams. OSRS: EoS 6. Where did you hear about DF? I've known about DF for ages. 7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them: - George Might know more, but that's the only familiar face I've seen so far. 8. Reason for introduction: Really just looking to get back in to the clanning scene, especially now that I've got the free time and another account I'm working on maxing. 9. Additional comments: Btw I community into'd like a year ago and went inactive because the account I was maxing got hit with banhammer followed by some IRL stuff. Started fresh 3 weeks ago (22 days exactly) these are my current stats - Quote Edit
  3. 12 days of ASS

    Solid grind, keep it up.
  4. What is the correct answer

    fuck 12
  5. @Eric

    oh fuck
  6. Two Thousand

    nice gz
  7. 99 Fishing!!

    Gz man.
  8. somgains

  9. 96 slay (:

    Sick gz
  10. Day 11

    Yeah for sure, questing is the real grind lol.
  11. nice job looked fun
  12. God Bless Cerberus

    what the rng
  13. Another Elite