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  1. Avicii dies.

  2. Lynx Titan

    Is responsible for 0.005% of all experience gained in 2017. edit; thats 20000 lynx titans to gain all xp that was gained in 2017 bonus fact: there are 3400 twisted bows in game
  3. Rot & Jed Exposed Pt 3

    Jed: Meanwhile on rot application forum:
  4. Rot & Jed Exposed Pt 3

    Matk: did you leak information? Jed: *nuzzles* OwO *pounces* nice router mat k Matk: Okay okay! I'll make the statement saying you did nothing wrong!!
  5. Zybez

    Zybez in 2012 lmao
  6. Rot & Jed Exposed Pt 3

    Isn't that the nature of most evidence? His Gyazo account contains some fairly compelling evidence that he's complicit in rot's questionable activities. The "secret database" is complete bullshit though, that's just a database leak in which Jed's name came up. All this does is confirm that it is his email because you can see his XxJSxX alias was used on rune-server for private server development prior to him joining Jagex.
  7. Showcase - Markito

    Markito Flyyyyyyy
  8. 3rd barrows set completed! (btw)

    cheat client btw
  9. What will it take?

    Can't see it happening. Shit idea. Just contributes to the whole idea of blobbing which makes fights shit in the first place. Warring in OSRS is garbage. There's no point to it. RS fights have always had the same issue in that they're ephemeral. There's no tactical advantage to "winning" a fight. The current OSRS "meta" makes wilderness fights redundant. If you want to win you just n+1 the other clan and stay logged in longer - that's not a fun mechanic particularly when there's no real investment in fighting in the first place. The only way I can see the wilderness becoming more active and actually demanding a clanning presence is if it contained actual objectives such as towers that need to be captured which provide buffs to players who belong to that clan if they're logged into that world. Give clans a reason to fight, a reason to want to win, a reason to want to recruit and bring more people to their fights. Give clans something to take from opposing clans. That way you'll get real rivalries and real fights.
  10. 99 Runecrafting 99 Agility 99 Mining 99 Woodcutting
  11. Wow big skiller

    Imagine not using an infernal axe in 2017
  12. Happy marriages

    Happy marriages end in death Thought it was quite an interesting thought.
  13. I know sometimes there can be a bit of a divide between RuneScape and WoW players but this really is a huge announcement for the Vanilla (Classic) WoW private server community. This is the World of Warcraft version of the Old School RuneScape announcement, now let's see if it'll be as successful.