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  1. What's something you want to get done in 2018?

    Buy multiple properties Move up to upper management Pay off 50% of student loans
  2. What have you eaten today?

    sushi...for the 7 time in a row this month
  3. 96 Farming

    congrats nerd
  4. cool monorail

    helllll noooo.
  5. u seen the new star wars yet?

  6. Favorite Late Night Snack/Meal

    Definitely cereal
  7. Bad Habits

    I have a bad habit of changing in my car from my work clothes to gym clothes when running late. I've even done it while driving... Anyone else just as bad or am I just weird?
  8. Word of the Year

  9. SuPeR aWeSoMe IrOnMaN

    Daamn, total beast mode.
  10. Hellooo

    OH WHAT....I am Salvadorean also hahahaha
  11. His Lordship

    I hate to admit this but I met him in like 2012 in London at runefest or whatever the fuck that was.
  12. What tilts you irl?

    A year later and this topic still going strong. People who drive the speed limit in the fast lane. I will tailgait until they move over. Oh and I hate people that tailgate as well. Vicious circle.
  13. Hellooo

    YAY another angeleno <3
  14. Hellooo

    1. Real life/preferred name: Alma/Almey 2. Display name: Ineedaman222 3. Previous names & aliases: Almeyyy I think 4. About yourself: I'm 26, live in LA. (Everything around me is currently on fire) Work in Real Estate. Party Girl. World Traveler 5. Clan history: Uh I was part of some old school stuff like Deathrow, Masters of Dragons, mostly smaller clans. Most of my friends went on to EOS, DF, DI, DS, NI 6. Where did you hear about DF? I remembered DF from back in the day and I found you guys on the zybez forums. 7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them: Nobody looks familiar =( 8. Reason for introduction: I started playing RS again. Last time I played was probably back in 2011/2012? I'd like to get back into a clan and the parts of RS I enjoyed. Since I don't know anyone, I thought I'd start by getting to know you all and vice cersa 9. Additional comments: I created Ineedaman222 when I was 14.....not sure why I thought I needed a man. Can't wait to mingle