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  1. Divine Forces Thursday BBQ Pit

    I'm a god
  2. Saper's Intro

    1. Real life/preferred name: Saper/Sapes 2. Display name: Supa Saper 3. Previous names & aliases: Supa Saper Bleek Range Xb Bluku 4. About yourself: Saper from the lane. Born in the 90s era, ex content creator, currently a foot model for Gucci and Balenciaga. 5. Clan history: Exiled - Closed Brutality - Closed CT - Left then Kicked 6. Where did you hear about DF? Known about you for time. 7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them: Manjep Lavawater Eli Axo Ila 8. Reason for introduction: Why not innit. 9. Additional comments: RoT suck.
  3. Ty bird

    brr brr
  4. Heart - PK Video

    best pker alive
  5. Ozark - Netflix Original

    You're late.
  6. Over You - PK Video

    best pker alive
  7. Giant - PK Video

    Best pker alive <3
  8. New cape :D

  9. 2020

    Killer to Skiller
  10. Seventeen - PK Video

    miss you