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  1. snatching back HG

  2. snatching back HG

    Real life name: BussiBoi46 Original & current RSN: nice dox hack question/Ranger Clan history: sanity di sksc adrenaline (current) oblv slaystars (current) df (fa) Who are your 10 referrals? Rene Sheli OneJohn Murray Sutty Danny Chronic Alice IMK Jelle Are you willing to be active on our forums? sure Why do you wish to be closer to our community? already close and i need the pink back Do you use our IRC or TS? If not, why? no/yes pref no irc but can if mand Anything else? if ur reading this u need to lose some weight
  3. Justiciar Chestguard

    sisters splitting up the scene
  4. Sanguineststesti Stafferino

    Sister Sanguinesti
  5. Double Snatch

    The sisters went to ToB and snatched ourselves a Rapier and a new PB.
  6. Sanguinetesti Stafferino

    its just simply what we do
  7. StevenID0om_

  8. Happy Birthday Rene!

    omg hbd
  9. Maxed before IMK

    u added some1 elses pic but no pic of max island
  10. Ghraziii Rapier

    rich queens