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  1. Loot from 2490 boxes

    Very juicy
  2. 99 Firemaking


    Nice man, had this one twice myself
  4. Broke the streak

  5. 75 ranged

  6. Rocky Balboa

  7. se died

    Nice to see you fella, didnt think you were still around
  8. se died

    Its kinda unusual name i havent personally met anyone with name like mine
  9. 2200 total

    Congrats mate
  10. se died

    1. Real life/preferred name: Dangis 2. Display name: Hybrid M8 3. Previous names & aliases: only that long time ago had name the mate o 4. About yourself: Well im Dangis, 25 originally from Lithuania but been living in Liverpool for 7 years. Came back to runescape around a year and a half ago after not playing it for 6 years. 5. Clan history: The Titans, Shadow Elves, Solace. Was DF for like a few weeks inbetween SE and Solace 6. Where did you hear about DF? Known for years 7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them: many names familiar from fights iv had with my past clans but i know all the ex-se lads here if they still remember me Joe/Rodney, TMO, Jeff/Wizart(think hes gone now) 8. Reason for introduction: just saying hello and introducing myself however in the future i probably join depends on my time table. 9. Additional comments: hi