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  1. New Blood

    I was Eaviljosh. But its all good, I can barely remember either - just recognised the name. Good to see you again matey
  2. New Blood

    Same Code Red from NoD back in like 05?
  3. Dragon General Intro to DF

    nice dude
  4. Run Forest, Run

    good shit my guy
  5. Hello All

    Were you gen by chance?
  6. King Smiffy

  7. ReDrOc

    N E R D
  8. Aestis

    Was Military Police matey. Only did 4 years though, not a fun place to work in haha.
  9. Aestis

    1. Real life/preferred name: Jack 2. Display name: Aestis 3. Previous names & aliases: Aestis / Eaviljosh89 4. About yourself: 26, been playing rs on and off since 2003 which is beyond upsetting. Ex army turned student, and now wanting to enjoy the PVM scene since pvp has died. 5. Clan history: PRE07: NoD, Tf, Valor, TRWF. TR, Sol Fa, Genesis? and EoS 07: Eos only. 6. Where did you hear about DF? Used to be HC for Valor in 2006 so was there as a Divine Valor member sooo 7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them: Redroc, Eli, Jelle, Stevedoom I think from Gen? Blue wall if he's still about. And HD George 8. Reason for introduction: Back in 07 scene, want to see what its about, always liked DF sooo, why not eh 9. Additional comments: I have heard that I am a great guy
  10. King Stevie

    oh hi
  11. Oli