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  1. Next stop 2k

  2. Skeletal Visage

    idk what that is
  3. Zybez Tourny: DF vs Seals - F2P 40v40 CWRI

    It's ok now Jelle
  4. Oli

    Daily lurker
  5. King Stevie

    I like you
  6. Oli

    Hey Tom, surprised to see you around.
  7. New Years Resolution!

    Why Paul
  8. Do you like waffles?

    I actually hate waffles
  9. Hummy - Community

    Nice community introduce my friend
  10. Oli

    I like that George
  11. Oli

    Probably for the best, I'm not really interested in extended pkri's and masses of events I would feel obligated to attend.
  12. Oli

    Which George???