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  1. Biggest win in forever

    shame ur bald
  2. Omelette Hunter Crossbow

    already seen on @Elis snapchat to me thank u, next
  3. yo

  4. Favorite ASMR?

    ASMR Barber
  5. Ideal Weather

  6. Sup dudes

    got any xans?
  7. Omlet

  8. Chewing Gum

    why am i not surprised at ila and mugamas
  9. Chewing Gum

    So I be out here minding my own business in my lecture today and my knees hit the underside of the desk. Next thing you know I needed a bit of force to detach myself from the desk. Turns out some sick fuck stuck a chewing gum under there not too long ago. Do you guys do this? I thought people stopped doing this 10 years ago..
  10. IMK?

    imk notice me plz im also a minority
  11. Favorite Candy?

    these badboys