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  1. Divine Forces vs Renegades

    GF Renegades! DFORCES #1!
  2. Divine Forces Thursday Reaping

    Freest loot ive ever received.
  3. The Smelly Boys Club

    Not as much as you would think.
  4. The Smelly Boys Club

    So you clicked on this and you might be asking yourself, what is the SBC? (SMelly Boys Club) Let me tell you exactly SBC is. So outside of driving for Uber and getting offered kisses by grown men, and when I'm not in school or getting GAINZ on OSRS, one of my hobbies is playing Competitive YuGiOh! Now maybe you are connecting the dots, SBC/Yugioh, well if you aren't let me tell you a little about this SBC and yugioh. For some reason, people who play Yugioh, lack a really important skill, and that skill is Hygiene. AH! Now the term "Smelly Boys Club" make's sense, right? I'm not sure why people who play the game don't like brushing their teeth, or putting on deodorant. Sure sure, there' aren't many chicks who play Yugioh, or go to events, but does that mean you need to smell? I mean, we're already sitting next to each other, in a small room, sweating, breathing, why add nastiness on top of all of it?
  5. haHAAAA?

    Not really sure what to put here, I was told to post on the forums you fucks, so well, here I am? Soooo since I don't really know what to put here I'll talk about a story that happened to me while driving someone. Before anyone asks, I'm an Uber driver full time to help pay for school. So I'm driving these guys around, late 30's mid 40's and these guys are drunk on a Wednesday night, must be nice to not have responsibilities, anyways, 5 minute ride btw, in that 5 minute time span, the guy in the back seat managed to dis ensemble his vape, and lose every piece in my car, after getting them to the destination, I help him find every piece, after that the dude kept trying to sneak a kiss in on me saying it's not a gay kiss its a brotherly kiss. AAAAAAAAAAnnnnnnnyyyy ways, leave your replies in the comments telling a funny story I guess?
  6. Smug Advice DF Introduction!

    Thanks for all the greetings fellas, can't wait to meet you all ingame and experience new things!
  7. 1. Real life/preferred name: Smug / Smuggie / Smuggles 2. Display name: Smug Advice 3. Previous names & aliases: None 4. About yourself: Hey everyone! I'm Brandon, but you can call me Smug, or any of the above stated names. Average guy who loves women and video games! Been playing Runescape for 15 years now wow even I can't believe it. I love everything about the game, and my favorite skill is Construction =] 5. Clan history: Never been in a pking clan before, was only in a Pvm clan called KnightsOfPvm.. 6. Where did you hear about DF? From the best pure there is out there, Bawsin! 7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them: Uh, Murray! 8. Reason for introduction: I would like to be considered to join your clan! 9. Additional comments: I'm a really nice person when you get to know me, but just like the name, I can be very sarcastic and playful. I love experience new things on OSRS and look forward to meeting and playing alongside all of you!