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  1. 2000 total | Fkn niggs bothering me

    2.2k worlds are a thing now.
  2. Giant Squirrel

    OMG, congratz its been a long 15 years of doing agility
  3. FFA Scythe

    Richest man in Belgium SMH
  4. Scientific Study

    I like both but prefer dogs. Have 2 sisters. and love me some tattoo's
  5. New purchase

    What version bruh
  6. Big Skiller

    Wtf u got infernal cape fam. Gratz
  7. hyperloop testing

    Fucking hippies.
  8. 29,968 abbysal demons later

    Hmm maybe, was a good reason to continue slaying.
  9. Finally got my abby demon head drop!
  10. 99 dart making

    260k darts? Richest man in osrs. Gratz
  11. White Dots at Gate!

    Nice avatar.
  12. Completed 2/3 zulrah unique Ironman btw

    Ban ironman topics.