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  1. Df vs Ct [Video]

    good job ekstra
  2. Lil Zik

    Grats Rene
  3. it doesnt end (btw)

    grats, you should sell that and upgrade your ahrims bottoms to ancestral
  4. Raids unique 8/15 btw (called)

    grats, are you gonna sell it or keep it to do vorkath?
  5. Good Gains Come in 5s

    good stuff getting close to 2k
  6. Saper's Intro

    welcome to the forums mate
  7. 3rd age omg! Ty loco

    shes rich
  8. DF vs SV, DK 10/13/18

    you love to large rene
  9. 5 More

    good job smq