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  1. From 32 to 99 farming almost entirely from herb runs (the only other xp coming from raids 1 and the trees I had to plant for diaries). Took me about 13 months of play time from account creation (I took a 3 month break when I was inactive) I tracked what I spent and how many herbs I got from 98-99. Unfortunately, snaps have gone down about 1.5k each in the last 2 weeks which has destroyed my profit but gg: Costs: 704 x snap seed (bought for 50k each whilel i was on holiday) = 35.2m 513 x seed (bought for 61061 each (huge yikes)) = 31,324,293 ~1000 laws = 322k 1922 natures = 580,444 226 ice basalts = 384,200 Total = 67,810k costs and a profit of 31,370k -- which hardly seems worth it after all that tbqh
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    good work
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  5. scuffed the screenie cos im tired as fuck @Omniusha do you want to buy 1k summer pies?
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    i heard america invented marijuana
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