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  1. Conor Mcgregor..?

    fake news
  2. 1800 total

    the grind was not easy
  3. Divine Forces Monday PK

    omg ags pk. cant wait to pk with the team
  4. 97!!

    virgin level 97.
  5. Decent Task

    tongue punch my fart box
  6. Avernic Defender Hilt

    how much is it?
  7. 88 attack

    easy xp
  8. Raids 1 rebuild!

    lucky cunt
  9. [Spoilers] Wilder vs Fury

    like they say in boxing, never leave it to the judges. cuz thats when they judge by how much money they can make. corruption at its best.
  10. God Bless Cerberus

    allahu akbar!
  11. decent milestone for me

    good work