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  1. Gxng

    welcome to df
  2. Lorenzo's Introductions

    good luck, i love this guy, hes funny af when he speaks
  3. DF vs Liths & Jj 1/2/19

    damn nice kills
  4. 99 Firemaking

    99 fm
  5. Divine Forces New Year Pk

    i had a great time with the team. first pk trip and it was so much fun! lets do it again!
  6. 97 slayer

  7. I love thieving

    i hate thieving
  8. Road to Maxed Med (again)

    making mad gains
  9. Alejo's Intro.

    welcome to the best team
  10. Med level gainzz

    what levels u going for?
  11. elite team i wish murry would give me ts info lol
  12. i was bored

    go all in pussy
  13. Omni Youre famous

    omg elite pkers of the entire pk world