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  1. DF vs Liths & Jj 1/2/19

    damn nice kills
  2. 99 Firemaking

    99 fm
  3. Divine Forces New Year Pk

    i had a great time with the team. first pk trip and it was so much fun! lets do it again!
  4. 97 slayer

  5. I love thieving

    i hate thieving
  6. Road to Maxed Med (again)

    making mad gains
  7. Alejo's Intro.

    welcome to the best team
  8. Med level gainzz

    what levels u going for?
  9. elite team i wish murry would give me ts info lol
  10. i was bored

    go all in pussy
  11. Omni Youre famous

    omg elite pkers of the entire pk world
  12. 2K Grind EZPZ...NOT!

    fucking virgin
  13. the only team to get the job done #elite pkers