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  1. Duo Twisterino Bow

    dude stop...
  2. An Annoucement to make....

    a year of watching anime?!?? why would you do this to urself
  3. rot died in 2k16 close already
  4. ChronicFlame

    kill chronic
  5. ez for dragon forces
  6. lol ct closed fake topic
  7. Howdy

    tell us again
  8. The imitation game - about Alan Turing (computer science/mathematician legend) and how he and his team broke the enigma codes in ww2. Great film in terms of being enjoyable to watch however I don't feel it quite portrayed quite the level of genius Alan Turing was. This puts it down from a 10/10 to a 8/10 for me.
  9. F2P Teams?

    Only way it would ever come back is if jagex hosted a tourny
  10. Pointless information

    Molex cables are made by Koch industries
  11. The Mandalorian Trailer

    will be interesting
  12. Clan Wars: Extra Options

  13. 2.2k turtle!

    Shine bright like a ok i can't embed kys @Murray